Radiohead's The King of Limbs: Of Reviews, No Purview

Radiohead announced on Valentine's Day that their new album, The King of Limbs, was available for pre-order and could be downloaded on Saturday, February 19th. As if that wasn't enough messing with everyone, the album can be downloaded today. But pay for it first.

Reviews are pouring out of the internet, like it's sprung a leak: here, here, here, here, here, and so on. Overwhelmingly positive! Links to reviews provided lest you think I misled you.

As I've said before, I appreciate how Radiohead has toyed with the expectations of fans and skewered the feverish speculation surrounding release of their music. However, it should be noted that the building of their fanbase was facilitated and their music promoted by the label music industry, which is withering now. They have the option to release their music independently and be assured of huge sales thanks to that foundation.

That is aside from the fact their music is great and deserving of that wide audience.

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