Shortlist: Democracy Regresses, Quantum Computing, Inequality, Sovereign Citizens, and Who's Without Quirks?

Robert Kagan is skeptical about the continued dominance of liberal democracy because its ascendance "coincided with the historical shift in the balance of power toward those nations and peoples who favored the liberal democratic idea." That balance is shifting again.

Apropos this, here's an article about quantum computing. Not a long read, just a slow one. Spoiler alert: entanglement and superposition are difficult quantum states to stabilize.

Some insight into how inequality harms society and individuals. It even harms the elites, like those who gather World Economic Forum in Davos. Inequality undermines social cohesion.

In the U.S. today, there are about a quarter-million Sovereign Citizens who have a convoluted rationale for why the laws of the land do not apply to them.

Apologies to my single friends but people develop quirks when they live alone. But being in a couple does nothing to make you more normal.

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