Shortlist: Just War Theory & Drones, Faulkner for Adults, Art as Plagiarism, Why Nations Fail, Madman Žižek, and the Smallness of Wes Anderson's Films

Is the use of unmanned drones in non-combat zones consistent with the just war theories of Aquinas and Augustine? By their rules, non-combatants are not even ruled out.

The writing of William Faulkner is best appreciated by adults. No offense to you kids.

"Any text is woven entirely with citations, references, echoes, cultural languages, which cut across it through and through in a vast stereophony." Lethem on the ecstasy of influence. He appends to the piece an unraveling of the allusions within it.

To flourish rather than fail countries should move away from the equator, make sure they have natural resources, and not be landlocked. Jared Diamond's review makes it clear that he's not persuaded by the authors' argument that institutions are the key to prosperity

Have you read Žižek? Me neither but he's an interesting guy.

I like Wes Anderson's films (and love some) but these fair criticisms are worth considering.

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